Face Painter Prescott, AZ

Welcome to Wonderland Painting!

Unleash your creativity and sense of wonder! At Wonderland Painting, we transform faces and spaces into whimsical works of art. Whether you're looking to bring a fantastical touch to your next event or business, or just want to release your inner child, we're here to paint smiles and wonder, one face and place at a time.


Choose from our extensive catalogue of amazing designs or work with our artists to create a custom look for any event with family and friends. We use only the highest quality, hypoallergenic paints to ensure glowing results and a magical experience for all.


We design and paint custom, hand-painted window displays, backdrops and other large scale pieces to transform any space into an imaginative wonderland. Our team will work with you one-on-one to determine the perfect theme, colors, images and details to suit your needs.

Face Painter Prescott, AZ


At Wonderland Painting, wonder starts from within. We pour our heart, soul and passion into each painting and interaction. By supporting our small local business, you help fuel the wonder we give back to the community. Our heart is the source of the wonder we share with you.


Whether for personal or professional use, we make every surface a canvas and each event an experience in wonder. Our passion is using art to spread enchantment, delight and a sense of play. We create not just painted works but memories that last.

Window Painting Prescott, AZ


We live to unleash wonder, joy and creativity. Our team of professional artists transforms faces, spaces and places into whimsical works of art through face painting, murals, window painting and more. Wonder comes alive with Wonderland Painting.


Your vision of wonder is our driving inspiration. We work one-on-one with every client to determine how we can serve you best and create an experience perfectly tailored to your needs and desires. No request is too outlandish for our service—the wilder your vision, the better! Consider us your wonder concierge.


We use only the highest quality, hypoallergenic and non-toxic paints, tools and techniques to ensure glowing results, vivid color and wonder that lasts while keeping safety in mind. Our quality standards for products and practices mean your experience of wonder will make memories for years to come—but without the irritation! Quality that inspires wonder is our guarantee.


Our artists are wonder makers. Visionaries devoted to imagination, they transform with talent and heart. Their skills know no bounds.With brushes as wands, they conjure beauty and enchantment anew each day. Masters of their craft, our artists spark belief in possibility through color and whimsy alike.Their gift is delight, their purpose to make wanderers pause in wonder.

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Ready to start planning your wonderland adventure? Reach out to our team today! We offer free consultations and quotes with no obligation. Wonder comes in endless varieties, so reach out with any vision in mind. Nothing is too outlandish for our wonder concierge service.

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